“The best stories (are told) over coffee; as the aroma of the coffee opens the portals of the soul and the story, long hidden, is winged for posterity”. 

Apparently written in 1902  source:  Uncommon Grounds by Mark Prendergast





  I think my attitude towards coffee is neatly captured by an exchange of responses to an article in the New York Times which asked readers to submit their stories of “Where did you have your best cup of coffee?”

Within a few hours there were 343 posts. After post 200  K wrote:-

  “Do you people have any idea how pretentious you sound? Seriously. “


        To which Jz replied:-


“To the people who are complaining that these posts and their posters are “pretentious” –

A great cup of coffee is one of life’s lovely little luxuries. For just a few more bucks…or a little bit of attention to handmade detail…you can get something with aroma, taste, and body to pause and really enjoy, instead of some weak or bitter brownish brew serving mainly as a way to ingest some reviving caffeine. People on this message board aren’t talking about the wonders of thousand dollar watches or 75,000 cars… they’re talking about memorable cups of coffee or espresso, enjoyed at home or purchased for a handful of dollars around the corner or during some trip abroad. It’s not pretentious, no more so than recalling a beautiful sunset or a great ballgame or a lovely walk on the beach. It’s all about enjoying the special little things, little moments, and little memories that add beauty and sweetness to life. “

— Posted by jz


Thank you jz wherever you are.