This morning I was ruminating over another enjoyable breakfast…I simply love my first cup of coffee… today it was accompanied by scrambled duck eggs on toasted home made bread…mmnnnn! I roasted the beans only yesterday, supplied by Hasbean they are Bolivia Machacamarca-Mario Andrade, award winner in the Cup of Excellence 2007. As the “cup description” states, “it has body, big bold body with a spicy after taste”.


For me breakfast wouldn’t be the same without coffee… coffee starts the day… its not just an accompaniment to food, whether cereal, toast, muffins or eggs.. eggs are the best…but for me it’s the coffee that makes it.


Which is why I’m so surprised that coffee hardly gets mentioned as an important part of people’s breakfast although we drink such a lot of it. In fact as noted in an earlier posting (November 10th) “While most of continental Europe still believed coffee dried up one’s brain cells, London  was the cafe capital of the world. This was about 1680.” However by the 1750’s, because we didn’t have any coffee producing colonies we traded opium for tea,  and so tea became the nation’s drink of choice.


Reading the very entertaining and informative reviews in the truly excellent London Review of Breakfasts  almost none mention drinking coffee with their morning meal ,indeed even the tea only gets a passing mention.


So here in deference to the LRB a review of :-


Friday 9th January 2009


My Bolivian Brew


by Mac E. Arto


The day had yet to begin.


I cut into the toast purposefully, anticipating the mouthful of fluffy scrambled egg bouncing delicately on the crisp, light cushion of bread.


Outside a pigeon hunched his shoulders, our eyes met, man it looked cold. It was still, nothing moved, my view of the garden seemed to be cut and pasted into the window.


I turned and took a sip of coffee; instantly my mouth became alive, filled with the rich, bold taste. This is the moment my day started, like a tide rolling in with flavour oily, chocolate aromas washing around my tongue, crashing through the edge of sleep and anointing my mind with consciousness.


Coffee is the impresario introducing me to the tastes, flavours, textures and aromas; eager for me to experience, transporting me, rejuvenated into the new day.


The freshly roasted, ground beans just brought everything together, perfectly orchestrated… the egg, toast, me, the day… it’s all about relationships… and coffee makes no judgements it just makes it all possible.