I was sitting on the Northern line tube this morning on my way to Waterloo and became curious as to what the tube driver kept saying as we left a station.


I tried hard to picture in my head how to spell the words I was hearing, “Minadawes?”


“Mind the doors” had changed, slowly over period of time, the repetition and London accent was reducing these ritual utterances into becoming synonymous with the very sliding action of the doors. So as the doors would rumble close simultaneously this smurge of letters and sounds were wiped off his lips; it sounded like with the back of his hand.


I recalled reading Bill Bryson’s ‘A walk in the woods’ http://www.booksattransworld.co.uk/billbryson/walkInWoodsHome.html  where he contemplates the action of a mountain stream…” the geologist James Trefil calculates that a typical mountain stream will carry away about 1000 cubic feet of mountain in a year. …At such a rate it seems impossible that it could ever cart away a mountain, but in fact given sufficient time that is precisely what would happen. Assuming a mountain 5,000 feet high with 500,000 million cubic feet of mass, roughly the size of Mount Washington, a single stream would level it in about 500 million years.”


I wondered how long it would take for the tube driver’s words to become one flattened smudge of sound. Would tourists in 2012 look anxiously at each other as the doors closed  accompanied by  “mmmmeinnnnnnnnooorreeessssssssssssssss?”


During the early stages of my coaching experience (www.davemartin.org.uk) I’ve often been curious as to people focusing upon making changes but seemingly making no progress. They are clear as to their goals, what they want, what they need to do but somehow struggling with any shift taking place. It seems like nothing’s happening – but then the factor of time plays its part… when the time’s right… maybe just a few days later…maybe weeks even months later, it all fits and the circumstances are conducive to the changes taking place and hey presto  – action!


Nowadays we are so accustomed to instantaneous results – at the press of a button, a click on the mouse, we get what we want… it’s good to remember… all in good time…



“Even when nothing’s happening, there’s always something happening”
John Cage