We’d been running for about fifteen minutes – about halfway on our usual short route around Regents Park – and I found myself thinking about making a loaf of bread. Nigella Lawson http://www.nigella.com/   (I love her recipes – she writes from the perspective of somebody who loves eating not about concocting testosterone-fuelled show-off recipes that are like sporting fast cars) … anyway where was I……she writes about kneading the bread… “When you’ve kneaded enough you’ll know the difference, it suddenly feels smoother and less sticky, it’s a wonderful moment”. For the real Zen and the art of making bread I recommend “Bread Matters” by Andrew Whitley http://www.breadmatters.com/index.htm who says that only by mixing by hand will you experience the whole process of change as it occurs.


I’ve always maintained that however much I have been in training or how long I’m about to run the first 20 minutes or so are hard… bumpy and lumpy as my body starts to get in sync… It’s like the kneading of bread….after working the dough it suddenly shifts into a smooth, silken sequence…my groaning body is transformed into The Flow.


It occurred to me that I’ve found some coaching sessions are like this also… there are a number of initial probing questions to get the change under way – finding our way – clarifying the issues….. These can feel a bit “lumpy” & disjointed, however by keeping the momentum going with a respectful sense of purpose, if things go well we switch into a dialogue which flows, is focused and on track and so it is…acknowledging the process of kneading to know!