img-01445I was reading Steve Leighton’s hilarious posting – Strange Things is Coffee Sacks (Wednesday Mar 18, 2009)  where he describes some of the unusual and strange things he’s discovered in coffee sacks.

 It got me thinking about how we strive to understand what lies behind these odd occurrences. Only a few weeks ago we were meeting up with some old friends. As we settled into an enjoyable lunch, we heard that the day before, when she was unloading her washing machine our friend discovered to her amazement amongst her laundry was – a coffee bean!


There was no explanation for its presence, wracking her brains she could come up with no fathomable reason for it to be there. Then a revelation! She could only make sense as to its appearance due to the fact that she was meeting us the next day! Apparently to them as I’m closely associated with coffee –  it was a sign – a portent of our imminent meeting. I made sense of her unexplainable experience – a human bean!

As I drank my morning coffee I mused upon “How we try to read meaning into inexplicable experiences – what does it all mean? – Can a bean have meaning?”  

What strange experiences have you had that you believe have been signs?

We live in a world where we think we are in control and everything should make sense ….I looked deep into the distance and  became aware of the radio…..the news.. I could make no sense of what was happening…. I drank from my cup of coffee (Columbia Organic Cauca Tierradentro – fruit, nut and honey flavours peach nectar almond butter roast notes.)

At that point I decided to let go and just enjoy bean……


I never lose sight of the fact that just being is fun”. Katharine Hepburn