It’s been a very long time since I posted anything. It’s been a period of significant change for us, last year we left London, stopped working, sold up and moved to Nice, France.

In order to keep some stability I have brought with me a few sackfuls of green coffee to roast from Hasbean Strange but France is a bit sparse on home roasting and appreciation of the range and diversity of coffee but more of that at later date. I brought:-

Bolivia Cafe David Santiago Mamani Mamani Cup of Excellence 2008
Yemen Mocha Matari
Indian Monsoon Malabar
Guatemala El Bosque Amatitlan Red Bourbon

Colombia Las Delicious – Uriel Antonio Cup of Excellence
Nicaragua La Leona – Luis Beltrán Cornejo Barreda Cup of Excellence

To many friends and family it was seemingly a quick decision and certainly the move happened very fast at the end of last year.

 I have attempted to describe the process by way of an experience some years ago. I was fortunate to be on an Appreciative Inquiry programme in Alabama and whilst a group of us had been jabbering away as to how to assist a colleague, one of our group, Kenny, who up till then had been lying on his back staring up into the clear blue sky, quietly said “ I’ve been watching an eagle….it’s been circling way up above us, the eagle is unusual in that it watches its young in the nest until a point when it believes the eaglet should have left and flown away. If the eaglets haven’t the Eagle tears down the nest forcing the eaglet to fly or die.

 Sometimes you need to remove the comfort zone to make a change – once the nest has gone then opportunities for change become possible. It turned out that we needed to help our colleague  leave her comfortable position in order to find new perspective.

 So we haven’t so much moved to Nice but out here soaring, looking for new opportunities…….new horizons.

The nest has gone!