We’re off to Milan next week; I’m excited, why? Well somehow I have this idea that as coffee in Italy is wonderful Milan is going to be orgasmic!

 I’ve started to imagine hanging out at a tiny coffee bar – savouring a little cup of magic… the creaminess of the gusto….. my tongue swirling around my mouth playing with wave after wave of coffee foam …… the smooth seductive hit of the espresso embracing my taste buds…Ah…. dolce far niente!


 So drooling eagerly I started to search on the internet for speciality coffee places to head for and whoa… every time I entered good coffee in Milan, Milan coffee, speciality coffee, torrefazion in Milan I kept getting places  anywhere other than in Milan.  Milano coffee in Vancouver, Oregon, Belfast, Cape Town etc etc but none in Milan! It seems like  a lot of places boast about supplying coffee that has come from Milan or roasted Milan style but I can’t locate a speciality coffee house in Milan at least by internet. …  I found a few in Turin but NONE in Milan. I cannot locate a speciality coffee roaster in Milan.

 Of course good coffee places in Italy may not be so bothered to use the internet to attract visitors or simply it’s not chic to use the ether in Italy… but really? In fashionista Milan?

 So now I’m intrigued – will coffee in Milan live up to my dreams or will it be a myth?