“This is a deep dark and very, very rich coffee, its smoothness is a delight, its silkiness is to savour. This is a celebration of many espresso cupping’s to find a perfect blend.”


This is Steve Leighton’s description of the Toba Sulawesi Espresso Blend that I’m drinking as I listen to Kind of Blue by Miles Davis. I watched a programme last night about 1959 the year that changed Jazz. So What” is the first track on the album.




The coffee deliciously mingles with the So What chord. Apparently the So What chord is “a particular rootless 5-note chord voicing employed by Bill Evans in the “‘amen’ response figure[1] to the head of the tune “So What“.


Hmmnn last year during my training to be a coach I was introduced to the use of the question “So what?” to challenge and jolt in a coaching session. I have been amazed by the effect of playing this short sharp riff – So What? to bring about so much change. So often people are stuck and immobilized by all kinds of blocks – then faced with hearing “a particular rootless 5-note chord voicing” relax and smile….yeah So what!


I think it was and still is a powerful stimuli for change….


Enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4TbrgIdm0E